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How to load nested JPA entities in a single query

Have you ever realized that many times when accessing a managed entity’s attribute it’s common to see JPA performing many subsequent queries in the database in order to lazy load information? Well, it’s a good default behavior and works in the majority of the cases but still sometimes we need to modify this behavior on […]

Persisting enums using JPA attribute converter

Before the JPA 2.1 specification be released in 2013 the simple task to persist and load enums could be performed but not in a simple and decent way. In this article I’m going to present you some old techniques to solve this problem and how the new JPA specification established an appropriate way for persisting […]

Mocking the current date-time (properly) with Java

It’s not unusual to face situations where we need to capture the current system’s date-time in order to calculate some future date, make validations and so on. The problem generally appears as soon as we need to check whether some calculated date was correctly generated or not. When we directly use the instruction “new Date()” […]